How Professional Pest Control Services Can Help With Mice


Mouse plagues have occurred in Australia before. However, this year is different. The recent mouse plague is considered the worst plague in decades. 

It has been challenging for many Australian farmers because they have experienced floods, fires, and locust plagues. Today, they are experiencing a harrowing mouse plague, putting their crops and businesses in danger. Many hotels even had to close down because they couldn’t keep the mice away. Some are even falling from the roofs like rain. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the current situation and how we can help you. 

The Situation: Mouse Plague In New South Wales

Mouse plagues were usually localised before. However, this year it has to in epic proportions. The worst mouse plague in decades started in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. According to Australia’s National Science Agency, the CSIRO, there are over 800 to 1,000 mice per hectare. 

Based on Live Science, the plague was due to the unusually abundant grain harvest, which caused a surplus of mice. Mice can produce 500 offspring or more for each season. Female mice can birth a litter every three weeks, and those mice need a lot of food. These rodents aren’t picky, so the crops are under threat. 

Effects of the Mouse Plague

The enormous amount of rodents has caused many people to be bitten while farmers’ budgets were stretched to eliminate the problem. They have destroyed many livelihoods. These rodents caused widespread damage to farms, livestock, manufacturers, commercial businesses, and households. 

A survey estimated losses between $50,000 and $150,000 for a third of these farms. Total costs could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars if urgent action wasn’t taken. There is no denying its impact on the farming industry. 

Many farmers were forced to burn straw to get rid of them. They also planned to expose the burrows to the harsh winter snow. 

Additionally, rodents enter homes and constantly gnaw on anything they can find. 

This poses serious damage to a number of materials, including electrical wires and cables. When these don’t work properly, it can result in fires and electrical damage. Rodents can also cause leptospirosis, typhus fever, and other diseases. 

How Can It Be Controlled? 

Based on the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), they found out that increasing zinc phosphide in mouse baits can help farmers eliminate more mice in the area. The authorities have also allowed farmers and manufacturers to double the toxicity levels. Aside from these, the farming industry needs financial help from the government. 

Fortunately, the NSW Government has announced $50 million in funding to tackle the ongoing mouse plague. It will help farmers prevent peaking within the next few months. The initiative is being monitored by CSIRO and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).


Getting rid of mice is difficult. Most homeowners try DIY products, but these don’t usually work. Mice will look for homes during the winter months, driving them into many homes. As such, you need to talk to your local professional pest control services to figure out how to prevent this from happening. 

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Things To Look For In A Professional Pest Controller

pest control

Driving out rats or roaches isn’t the most ideal thing to do by yourself, especially if it’s an infestation that requires expert hands. At least you can clear out an area as soon as possible for use with someone who’s carried out that task in multiple households. However,  it can also be quite tough to find the proper pest control professional to take on the job though. 

Having criteria can help narrow down your choices as to who qualifies and who you would like to hire. Here are some things to keep in mind when going through potential pest controllers.

Company Terms

Most pest control companies may have specific terms and contracts about what conditions they will be working on, such as whether they’re liable for damages and whether consultation is available. It’d be ideal to get a company that’s reputable and knowledgeable about pest control so you can feel rest assured that the technician coming to your home has adequate training. 


Aside from training, though, make sure that the pest controller coming to your home has the right license and certification to prove their qualifications. Verifying and ensuring that they have the correct details and that they are kept up-to-date can make you feel a bit more confident in their services.


Consider the experience of a pest controller when you hire them. Get some references and check whether that person has undergone prior operations already. You can also test them with some questions, as an experienced pest controller would answer most if not all of your questions. 


It’s been said repeatedly that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but hygiene is essential. It’d be suitable for an expert pest controller to have a seemly appearance and professional attitude when coming to your doorstep. Just like their demeanour, their equipment should also be of industry standard.


There’s a wide price range of pest control services, but you need to consider that the lowest price may not offer the greatest service. The highest expenses might not even be either. Look for good quality services that have a reasonable cost attached to them, so you can feel secure about the job getting done and that you won’t need to contact another company.


It’s better to hire a pest controller who already has the right tools. Equipment such as chemicals, gloves, and duster should be a no-brainer. Just take caution about what pesticides a pest control professional will be using. Inspect the labels if you can see whether there’s anything you need to be cautious about. 


Discussing with a pest controller about where and what the problem is can usually be the deciding factor of whether you want to hire someone or not. It’s good to have someone transparent and patient enough to explain parts of the process that you want to understand and any precautionary measures that should be taken beforehand. 


When the service is done, some companies may just end it right there. However, it would be good to find a pest controller to provide the correct documentation and information. Receiving a proper report can enlighten you on what condition your property is in and whether an additional session is needed. 


Taking all these factors into consideration can help you end up with an excellent pest control professional. Soon enough, your home or business can be free of the scourge of risks and damages that these animals and insects can inflict. 

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3 Reasons to Have Annual Pest Inspections in Your Home


If you own a home, pests are the last thing you want on your floors, walls, and other fixtures. Pest control services are a homeowner’s best friend, and if you are dealing with pests in your home, you need to work with the right professionals to ensure your house is free from any uninvited guests.

That being said, it’s also good to have annual pest inspections conducted. Here is why:

1. Protects your finances

A home is one of the most expensive—if not the most expensive—investment you will ever make. It is vital to protect this investment to make the most out of your money. You likely already have routine plumbing and electrical maintenance checks to ensure problems are nipped in the bud. 

If pest inspection is not yet part of your annual home maintenance routine, you should consider it! Pests can cause plenty of damage to your home and its residents. Investing in annual pest checks protects both your investment and your family.

2. Maintains the standard

Standards in the pest control industry necessitate at least one inspection a year. This is driven by the fact that many pest-control products are only effective for the first twelve months of their use.

In other words, to ensure that the pest control solutions implemented in your homes continue to remain effective, annual inspections are essential. This will allow the service providers to replace out-of-date products with fresh ones, keeping your home safe from pest-related problems. Of course, you have the option of more frequent examinations should you deem it necessary, so do consult with the service provider for advice.

3. Fights off extensive damages

The biggest issue with pests is that they work out of sight. They can damage the home and spread disease in imperceptible ways, compounding problems that can lead to big financial and health issues if not addressed right away.

With annual pest control services, you would be employing preventive maintenance for the house. Having regular inspections can let you catch these pests before they cause too much trouble, saving your time, money, and sanity.


If you do not have a schedule for annual pest control inspections yet, we highly recommend calling your local pest control service. You never know when pests will decide to show up at your place. When they do, you might not know how much damage they have done until it is too late. 

Protect your investments and your loved ones, and stop this problem from ever happening by working with a trustworthy pest control service provider. Many offer annual inspections to keep your house a safe and comfortable place to live in!

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Can Termites Adversely Affect Your Health and Well-Being


No matter how we want to protect our homes from pest infestation, there are times we still get frustrated to find out that termites and other insects are already gnawing some parts of the house. When termites attack your home, it is indeed a big concern! You should take prompt action before you and your home end up in devastation. 

It is also crucial to know that it’s not only your home that can be affected by termite infestation. The health and well-being of your family can also be at risk. 

How much do you know about termites?

You might have already read that termites survive in colonies by feeding on cellulose on wood, paper and other wood products. Termite infestation can cause billions of property damage annually. Unfortunately, some of these damages are not covered by insurance; thus, further financial issues may arise.

Termite infestation can go unnoticed at first. However, without the homeowner’s knowledge, they are gradually destroying the parts of the house by building mud tubes and starting to gain their food supply.

So, how do termites impact your health and well-being?

Unlike other insects like ants and cockroaches, termites rarely sting humans and other animals. However, when they do, people may experience extreme pain, tissue swelling, itching, allergies, and even asthma attacks. Pest control professionals recommend that a person who is stung by a termite should seek a doctor.

The following are the common health concerns associated with termite infestation:


Termite infestation can cause asthma due to the formation of mould when the wood starts to decay. Moulds produce spores that can be highly harmful to your health. When these pores are spread through the air and enter the human body, coughing, migraine, chronic asthma, conjunctivitis and runny nose can be experienced. 

Keep in mind that mould can put a child’s health in danger because it depresses immunity. Unfortunately, if children are exposed to mould and termite infestation, they might acquire lifetime diseases.

Skin problems

Termite poop, also known as termite pellets, are dangerous to the health. They can cause contact dermatitis and other skin problems. Skin rashes and inflammation can also appear when being exposed to allergens such as mould and dirt.

Respiratory diseases

As previously mentioned, mould that thrive in the decaying wood where termites live can have a detrimental impact on health. In fact, they can also result in some respiratory problems. Mould exposure is a leading cause of upper respiratory symptoms, wheezing and coughing. These can affect both children and adults.  


You may think that you’re living safely and sound in your house. However, when termites are hiding and gnawing your house’s structures, your safety can also be in peril. They can also bring damage to your home’s electrical wiring. 

If you look closely at the termites, you’ll be surprised that they have strong jaws that can chew cables and electrical wirings. When these wirings become exposed, or your insulation also becomes affected, your life will be at risk of electrocution. The only way to prevent such incidents is to have a thorough inspection of your home, making sure they are free from any pest infestation.


Termites thrive in many areas in Australia. They build large mounds and cause tremendous damage to homeowners. When termites begin infesting your property, you should also be concerned with your whole family’s overall health and well-being. This is because termites can trigger some serious health problems. Luckily, there are professional exterminators that can address the termite problem in your home. 

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Residential Pest Control During the Autumn Months


Many house owners like you may like to snuggle up by a warm fireplace during the autumn months, but this comfortable experience can easily be ruined when you see pests lurking around. Since the days are colder during this time of year, this season is the perfect time for various critters to gather food, breed, and wreak havoc on your home to survive. To ensure you have effective residential pest control, utilise this guide for your convenience. 

Which Household Pests Are Common during the Autumn Season? 

Although pests can be present all year round, the autumn season may be an ample opportunity for pests to grow their numbers to ensure they have sufficient means to build nests, breeding grounds, and food gatherers. In particular, watch out for the following house pests: 

Cockroaches and ants

You may like to snack on your favourite autumn treats at home, such as warm pies and creamy pudding. Once you store these leftover sweet treats, cockroaches may start to run around the kitchen, trying to get a bite out of your delicious offerings. Often, ants are also not far behind since they do have a taste for the sweeter things and can even eat roaches. As such, you should always keep your household clean to avoid these insects from thriving and reproducing most swarms. 


Mice and rats are often most active during the colder months because they want to find households with warmer temperatures, unlimited food supply, and hidden openings for their nests. While you may think that a tiny critter is not something to be wary of, you should be careful because they tend to travel in groups, breed frequently, and eat massive amounts of waste, becoming disease-infested rats. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call mice extermination services as soon as you spot one of them! 

Snails and slugs 

When many unknowing households find snails and slugs in their garden, they think they are harmless to their autumn crops. However, they often regret these assumptions once they see their plants utterly destroyed by these slimy critters. Therefore, you should use pesticide right away and don’t even think about second-guessing yourself! 

What Are Possible Household Solutions for Pest Control? 

  1. House fumigation: Out of all the different residential pest control solutions, opting to fumigate the house is your best way to eliminate these pests, especially insects and rodents. Just entrust it to your local exterminator, consider going outside for an autumn stroll, then come back to your pest-free home. The residential pest control service providers will even offer preventive maintenance tips to make sure your household can do its absolute best to prevent this from happening again. 
  1. Deep cleaning: If there is one thing all kinds of pests hate, it would be a clean house. It is because they often have harder time building nests and sourcing food, especially if your pantry uses airtight containers. When cleaning, don’t forget to sweep into the foliage outside to keep the pests out there away from your garden and the rest of your yard. 


Dealing with pests during the autumn should be one of your top priorities at home; your household’s welfare depends on it. Now that you have a better understanding of what you need to do, make the necessary plans happen and don’t forget to get in touch with local experts to assist you. 

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Telltale Signs You Have a Rat Infestation in Your Home

rat photo

One of the most horrifying things a homeowner can find out is that they have a rat infestation in their home. Rats find the human domicile to be the perfect breeding ground. Any space where they can have easy access to food, water, and shelter is a place for these rodents to make a home for themselves. However, they should never be treated as welcome guests. 

A rat infestation is no laughing matter. It is a serious problem that will require immediate attention and action. These creatures may be arguably cute, but the damage that they can potentially cause your home as well as the disease-causing bacteria they carry will make them significantly less cute by the standards of many. This is why you need to drive rats away the moment you discover them in your home.

Telltale Signs You Have a Rat Infestation in Your Home

Here are a few telltale signs indicating a rat infestation that needs to be taken care of immediately:

1 – Damage to the Home

If you notice chew or gnaw marks in various parts of your home, this may be a sign that you have rats living somewhere within the confines of your house. You may also notice holes and other small makeshift entrances to where they may be hiding.

2 – Rat Droppings

Rat excrement and urine may be another sign of rats dwelling in your home. This is one of the reasons why you need to address the rat infestation as soon as you can. Rat droppings may cause serious diseases if they are accidentally ingested.

3 – Sounds From the Inner Parts of the Walls

Hearing strange scratching noises coming from the inside of your walls may be another indicator of rats. If you listen closely, you may also hear them walking in the inside part of your walls. 

4 – Holes in Food Packaging Materials

It is essential that you check all your food stock in your pantry and see to it that there are no holes in the boxes or plastic containers. Rats have strong teeth that can chew through soft plastic and boxes, gaining access to your food supply and contaminating it in the process.

5 – Foul Smells

Rats have a specific musky smell. Also, their waste may be extremely noticeable, especially in areas with little ventilation. If you notice any strange musty smells in your home, it may be a sign that you have a rat colony living in your house.


If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you may be sharing your home with rats. To minimize the risk of contracting serious diseases or having significant damage to your home because of these pests, you should seriously think about how to get rid of them as soon as possible. While it may be tempting to try and take on this task on your own, you may not be able to get all of them. Also you may not be able to seal off all their entryways into your home, enabling them to be able to come back again at a later time. 

The best way to ensure that these rodents will be driven away from your home for good is to contact a pest control company. These professionals have the tools and know-how to ensure that the rats stay off your property permanently.

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